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Material: pp+silica gel+pC

Size: Approximately 30cm in height, 11cm in width


1. Novel Design: The triangle shape design which fully makes use of the space of the sink corner 
2. Elastic and Flexible: Drain groove design, can let the water run off and make sponge and scrubber dry. 
3. Excellent Function: The fine mesh captures all small food particles that would normally slide through the filter. Effectively prevent hair, paper scraps, food scraps, fabric, and any other garbage into the drain.
4. Economical & Practical: Filter out the kitchen/restaurant leftovers with the purpose of protecting the kitchen drainage, not to block the drainpipe, and it helps to save space and keep the kitchen clean.


1.100% New condition , high quality , no harm , no Smell ,BPA Free.
2.Eco-friendly Material ,Water proof .
3.Smart and Protable storage box with Lid and Handle. 
4.It can use in Refrigerator and Kitchen Cupboard.
​5.Fast delivery and safe packing 


Eco Friendly Rubbish Bag | Garbage Bag 

M Size: 32*60CM / 50pcs
L Size: 40*60CM / 50pcs


*100% Original imported from Japan *Material:ABS *Volume :100ml *Long Lasting:60 Days *Classic Bottle *Suitable For Home And Office Too *Certified Safe For Human Use *Safe Packing *Perfume will packing with double bubble wrap


- Made of high-quality stainless steel, it is durable and will never fall off, never rust, and can be used for many years.
- Based on ergonomics, the clip is designed to be easy to use.
- Double open clip for easy food turning.
- The Serrated design can be used as a shovel and steak knife, cut fish or other things, which is very convenient.
- Easy to clean and handle, can be washed in a dishwasher, hand washing is recommended, the appearance is simple, there is no extra annoying decoration, and there is no bacterial gap.


Material: Ceramic
Size: 6.5cm*9cm*2.5cm 
Capacity: 23ml
Colour: Pink/ Yellow/ SKYBlue/ Green/ Black / Withe


- Lead-free glass material, non-toxic and tasteless, suitable for all kinds of seasonings.
- The innovative design of the oil outlet can easily control the oil volume, and stop flowing out immediately after pressing the air hole.
- Leak-proof design, no drip oil, no oil hanging.
- Strong and durable, not afraid of bumps, safe to use.


Product material: Ceramic
Size: 6 inches / 8 inches / 10 inches
Product color: White / Pink / Green / black / blue
Usage: it can be heated directly in the oven. It is suitable for all kinds of delicious dishes such as steak, pizza, dessert and pasta salad


- Clear texture, realistic model
- Integral molding, no leakage
- Thin silicone wall, easy to demold
- Silicone material, good elasticity, no deformation
- Freeze for more than 4 hours to form
- Heat-resistant temperature is -50°C to +300°C, which can be used repeatedly
- One-piece molding, convenient operation, direct pouring and solidification


-  Adopting PET material, which is durable for long-term use.
- Trigger head sprayer with unique design is comfortable to hold and easy to use.
- Its well-sealed spout mist fine mist, very convenient to operate.
- Wide range of uses: plant maintenance, pet grooming, personal makeup, hair styling, household cleaning.


- Ideal for food preparation, painting, beauty and hygiene, household, gardening, etc.
- Full embossed surface to provide better grip 
- Not suitable for handling chemicals / high temperature objects 
- Be extra careful when handling sharp edge objects
- Extra light weight and non toxic
- Protect hands from messy or skin irritating tasks
- Convenient and fit both hand


- Easy to clean, dishwasher safe
- Can be used in gas stove, induction cooker, electric heating stove and oven
- Adopts a transparent pot glass lid, So that we can observe the food and master the cooking time.
- Used to make noodles, soup, milk & etc.
- Available in 2 sizes 16cm & 18cm