Maifan Stone Health Pan With Non-Stick Surface (32cm)
Price RM69.90
Product SKU KD014
Material : Maifan Coating/Marble Stone (Pan), 304 stainless steel and glass (Lid), Plastic (Handle)
Dimension : 32cm
Color : Original
Included : Pan, Lid

What is Maifan Stone/ Marble Stone?
Maifan Stone also known as "bakuhanseki (Jp. 麦飯石)," is a special mineral rock used in Chinese medicine to treat various skin diseases.


1. Before cooking, please clean the inner and outer of pan to prevent physical color changes.
2. Please do not put the empty pan on the fire or put those cooking kit in the pan for long time to avoid pan shape changes and affect the pan functionality.
3. Advise to use middle small heat for cooking.
4. In order to protect the non-stick function, suggest to use the wood made or heat resistant kit for cooking.
5. Please stay away from the pan when open the lid.
6. Appropriate amount of cooking oil enhance the non-stick function.
7. Please use the span for washing instead of using rough surface kit such as metal or rough brush. If sticky issue happens, suggest to soak the pan in the warm water for 1 hour before washing.