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Product Name: Powerful pipe dredging agent
Material: Alkaline Solvent and Surfactant
Gram weight: net weight about 110g
Type: Powder
Size: 10*4*4cm


Well stackable


Environmentally friendly

Secure locking for strong holding & stacking


- Suitable for office, kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom
- Big capacity. Flexible, not easy to break
- Strong enough for repeat use, long life cycle
- Convenient design for space saving
- Eco Friendly, durable and easily cleaned with a wet cloth


Wide mouth, easy to scrub the inner wall
The filter port can be large or small, and the water outlet can be controlled automatically
Large capacity, whatever you want
Fashionable appearance and quality life

Crystal Glass Water Jug 1.2L+ 4 pcs Cup (330ML) 


Traditional bamboo, wood, and plastic chopping boards will become black mold after using for a period of time. Moldy chopping boards will breed a lot of carcinogenic toxins and affect your health.
Mouldy cutting board
cutting board cracking
Wheat straw material
Wheat straw hot-pressed, natural material, safe and healthy
Free of heavy metals
Natural wheat straw raw material, no heavy metals, no plasticizers
Degradable and environmentally friendly materials



- Windproof, dustproof and soundproof
- Block sound and light from outdoor
- Door draft stopper helps to eliminate drafts, slow heat loss and save on your energy bill
- No glue and seal tape needed, easy to installation
- Good flexibility, recoverable after deformation or bending


- Easy to clean, dishwasher safe
- Can be used in gas stove, induction cooker, electric heating stove and oven
- Adopts a transparent pot glass lid, So that we can observe the food and master the cooking time.
- Used to make noodles, soup, milk & etc.
- Available in 2 sizes 16cm & 18cm



Nice and generous
Eco-friendly,no natural pollution materials
Can be used both indoor and outdoor
Lightweight yet Sturdy Construction
Height Adjustable
Easy to carry and move
Can dry more clothes once, drying faster
Stainless Steel
Two full loads of laundry in minimal space
Many ways to configure to meet your needs
Easy fold to where you need it, save space and convenient
Elegent design, light weight, easy to move and storage
No tools assembly
Drying wings adjust up or down for flat drying or for hanging tall items
Can move with wheels and can disassemble and store when not needed.
Attention when assemble
Please don't touch the transect of the tube it is quite sharp
Must put the tube into the bottom of plastics accessories
Must tighten the screw and the nut
Please keep away from stove and fire
Height adjustable and easy to move
Can hold large loads of clothes with its strong metal frame
Perfect for organising clothes
Ideal for drying laundry indoors or outdoors
Folds flat for easy storage
Excellent storage solution


- Product name: Stainless Steel Food Grade PP Standable Double Sided Chopping Board
- Material: 304 Stainless Steel and PP
- Variation: BLACK / BEIGE
- Weight: 1.76kg
- Dimension: 42x 28 x 1.2cm


High temperature resistance, anti-friction
Perfect for Coffee, Juice, Tea and ordinary drinking water
The bottom of the cup is thickened to make it stronger and firmer
Lighter than the usual cup,such as marble mug and ceramic cup
Made of high borosilicate eco-green glass, non-toxic and smelless


- Brand Name : DoublePow
- Nominal Capacity : 1200mAh
- Model Number : 18650
- Nominal Voltage : 3.63V
- Type : Li-Ion


- Multipurpose. The sink dish drainer, not only provide efficient solutions to air-dry washed bowls, tableware, cookware, cups, cutlery and kitchen utensil gadgets, but also can be used for vegetable and fruits drain rack.
- Detachable. 2 in 1 Double Layer drain rack is detachable,so we can use it depend on our needs in different situation to use whole or part.
- Durable. The Kitchen sink drain rack is made from food safe grade Plastic,non-slip,sturdy,non-harmless,easy to clean.


*Storage Cart width deep drawers, capacity ideal to store all personal items, such as; shoes, clothes, office supplies, art supplies, toys, bath items, seasonal holiday decorations, and more

*Easy access see-through drawers are built from durable new Materials plastic
*Includes 4  wheels,easy mobility



ECOCO rice storage bucket 5KG/10kg, 
can store up 5KG/10kg
Material: PP + ABS + waterproof silicone
Color: black / gray
sealed storage, waterproof, insect-proof


- Egg Storage Box, Egg Storage Container, Refrigerator Storage Organizer
- Material: PET + PP
- Double Layer drawer design
- Prevent eggs from breaking
- Neat & tidy storage
- Space saving & easy to carry