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- Motion sendor more hygienic, no contact, more sanitary.
- USB Rechargeable
- Long lasting working life
- Large capacity tranlucent soap tank
- Denser & richer foam


Material: Bamboo Wood + stainless steel handle

Medium Size: 20cm * 30cm * 2cm (Width*Height* Thickness)
Big Size: 24cm * 34cm * 2cm (Width*Height* Thickness)
Super Big Size: 30cm * 40cm *2cm (Width*Height* Thickness)


Maximize your bathrooms storage space. Shampoo, soap,conditioner, shower gel, thereismore than enough room for everything!
Secures to any surface including tile, marble, glass and more
You can now have everything instantly to hand when you shower, with no bending to the floor or over reaching to distant shelves or cabinets!


- Made of high-quality stainless steel, it is durable and will never fall off, never rust, and can be used for many years.
- Based on ergonomics, the clip is designed to be easy to use.
- Double open clip for easy food turning.
- The Serrated design can be used as a shovel and steak knife, cut fish or other things, which is very convenient.
- Easy to clean and handle, can be washed in a dishwasher, hand washing is recommended, the appearance is simple, there is no extra annoying decoration, and there is no bacterial gap.


- Space saving design and portable. Can be used for storing books, toy, and many more.
- The transparent body allows you to view the content easily.
- The storage box also comes with a wheel which helps in moving the box easily.
- Lid design keeps stuff away from dust.
- Ergonomic side-grip handles make heavy lifting a breeze.
- Multi-functional storage containers can store clothes, kids' toys, books, shoes, seasonal items, and more in the home or office. Can make the room look tidier.
- Multi-colour optional is easy to distinguish storage products.


Price stated is for 1 pc only.

One colour available only.

Size : 13cm x 1.2cm


- The transparent and clean simple storage box makes the kitchen tidy and beautiful.
- Three kinds of capacities are freely superimposed to choose, and snacks, miscellaneous grains.
- All grains and ingredients are properly stored.
- It can be matched with the same storage rack and installed on the cabinet board, Easily save table space.
- The remaining amount of the internal food storage box is clearly visible, It will be more convenient to take.


Home mats, soft and comfortable, non slip, not fade
At the bottom of point plastic cloth, wear-resistant and durable
Sponge lining, absorb water, fine workmanship, long service life
Package include:Mat * 2pcs


- Suitable for use in microwave, ovens, and dishwashers.
- It is fired with fine porcelain clay at high temperature, which is thick and safe and durable.
- The double-ear design is easy to handle and put to prevent hot hands.
- A variety of colors, choose as you like, and match your favorite food anytime, anywhere.
- Mini body shape, cute and beautiful, as tableware or props can enhance the style of the table.
- Color glaze processing technology, smooth and textured surface, easy to clean.


- Frosted and fine texture, the material is safer, prevents odor and bacteria.
- Double ear design, effortless to hold and put, super smooth to use.
- A variety of colors and two models are available for a wider range of applications.
- Suitable for: oven, microwave oven and dishwashers.


- Suitable for use in microwave ovens, ovens, and dishwashers.
- Made of fine porcelain clay, smooth, bright and clean, wear-resistant and durable, and easy to clean.
- With cover design, it can prevent food from being contaminated and prevent dust and ash.
- A variety of colors, choose as you like, and match your favorite food anytime, anywhere.
- Three-dimensional embossed stripe design, high value.
- The shape of the device is round and the bottom is smooth, which effectively prevents scratches on the tabletop.


Overall size:  25 cm x 25cm x 8 cm
Large Bowl size: 20 cm x 6 cm x 10 cm. 
Small Bowl size:  10 cm x 6 cm x 10 cm


- Multiple colors choices, one dish meets all your selection needs.
- Smooth glaze. Easy to clean, food is not easy to stick, one flush is clean, lead-free, non-toxic, safe, healthy and environmentally friendly.
- Space saving and easy to keep, perfect for home use.
- Specially useful for small kitchens where counter space is a premium.


Material: Ceramic
Size: 6.5cm*9cm*2.5cm 
Capacity: 23ml
Colour: Pink/ Yellow/ SKYBlue/ Green/ Black / Withe


- Spodumene from Australia and high quality Environment Friendly Clay. This cooking casserole pot can help you experience the joy of cuisine. This ceramic casserole with lid pot is healthy and eco-friendly.
- High Fired, Ceramic is durable and resistant to breakage and chipping. 
- Good for electric ceramic gas stove, electric ceramic stove, carbon coal stove,refrigerator. Exceptional thermal shock resistance allows for transfer from hot to cold temperature environments.Unique temperature affordability from -20 to 550 degree celsius, a better cooking choice than common iron pots,common iron pots only can fire on about 300 degrees (NOTE: Please use heat-resistant gloves during cooking)
- Not suitable to use on induction cooker.
- Casserole Clay Pot lid with steam vent prevents water overflow. Healthy cooking brings out the best flavors. Highly resistant glaze allows cooking with a minimal amount of fat.