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[GL1277] 8PCS SET Glasslock Microwave Safe Airtight Tempered Food Container including:
-150ml x 2units (108.7mm x 76mm x 50.5mm)
-400ml x 2units (156.5mm x 108mm x 51mm)
-695ml x 2unit (173mm x 123.5mm x 66mm)
-1090ml x 2units (186.5mm x 139mm x 77mm)


Vanzo Air Freshener
100% Original imported from Japan
TOP 5 Japanese OGAWA perfume flavor using in global
Exquisite and elegant Premium Black Gold Series Design and had won the Top 5 perfume in Japan
VANZO fragrances are alcohol-free
Last for at least 3 months
Suitable for car, home, and office
No Formaldehyde
No Benzene
No Toluene
Stylish Glass Bottle
Perfect Fit For Most Car Cup Holder


- Ideal for food preparation, painting, beauty and hygiene, household, gardening, etc.
- Full embossed surface to provide better grip 
- Not suitable for handling chemicals / high temperature objects 
- Be extra careful when handling sharp edge objects
- Extra light weight and non toxic
- Protect hands from messy or skin irritating tasks
- Convenient and fit both hand


- 360 rotation grain storage dispenser comes with the 360 rotation feature to make it easier to dispense your granary.
- Removable Partition. You can easily adjust the storage partition according to your needs and can store more than 1 type of food.
- Large capacity can meet the needs of your family and be your family granary.
- Multipurpose dispenser suitable for storing sugar, rice, nuts, beans, cereal, snacks, pet food.
- Safe PP material bottle body, high permeability, you dont need to worry about the safety of the material.
- Easy to clean. Use a sealed storage design with a lid to extend the shelf life of food. It is also equipped with a container with scales and even drains holes, so you can quickly drain and clean. Extended handle, comfortable to hold.



1. Put 1-2 piece in washing machine and pour high temperature until  reach water level.

2. Let the machines run for 15minutes. Atfer that, stop it and soak for 15-30minutes.

3. Fish out stains and wiped it if got stains.


 Dustpan Size: 20.5cm X 14cm
- Small Broom Size:19cm X 12cm
- Color - Random Color
- Material: Plastic + High Elasticity Wire Brush


Safety lock: One key to open the lid, more convenient for drinking, preventing water leakage caused by accidental touch


Material: pp+silica gel+pC

Size: Approximately 30cm in height, 11cm in width


Brand new and high quality.
Premium drain dishes kitchen storage rack.
Practical, beautiful appearance, in addition to new technologies humane care, you create a healthy, orderly, clean and comfortable home life is a double celebration home where intentions!
It may be used within the kitchen shelf.
Fortify space utilization, strengthen quality of life.
Featured materials, thicker wear resistance, safety and health, durable wear and corrosion resistance.
Unique user-friendly design, fast draining, let the water go with the flow out quickly, practical and convenient.
It's the brand new PP material, flexible material durable, smooth feel.
Convenient solid, user-friendly design, exquisite nameplates, highlighting quality.
Quality materials, stain resistant, durable.
Non-toxic, non-smelly material, a multi-purpose.
Different options, you’ll better and the overall mix of furniture.
Material: PP


- Kitchen dirty wall bricks pots Sinks such as sponge or melon cloth with hot water, then directly stained with baking soda powder.
- Can be used in the corners where the toilet is difficult to clean.
- Remove grease, odor, deodorizing sink, remove tea stains and coffee stains, clean the cooktop of the range hood, clothing cleaning
- Multi-purpose cleaning such as kitchen, housework, clothing, deodorization of life


- Material: PP (bpa free plastic)
- Color: White
- Capacity:  2KG
- Unique box body design, convenient to put into the refrigerator, save much more place.
- Transparent body, food in the box can be seen, and large capacity.
- Can hold all kinds of food, like candy, flour, grains,rice, bean, snack, cereal and so on.


-Ceramic + Bamboo Cover Materials
-Spice Jar Set Design, use for easy
-Fashion Design

-Size: Show as picture


Material: Silicone+PP
Colour: Red, Green, Blue, Orange
Net Weight: 250g


•    Eco-Friendly, 
•    non-stick durable,
•    Easy to clean and rinse fruits and fresh vegetables. 
•    Space-saving design. 
•    Strainers are foldable, so they do not take up much needed room in your kitchen cupboards. Product: foldable silicone colander 

Package includes: 2 x Silicone Foldable Colander 



Benefits : 
* 100% BPA-free and food-safe lid
* Heat resistant up to 400C with excellent durability
* Air-tight and leak-proof
* Freezer, microwave oven and oven-safe
* Hygienic and easy to clean