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*100% Original imported from Japan *Material:ABS *Volume :100ml *Long Lasting:60 Days *Classic Bottle *Suitable For Home And Office Too *Certified Safe For Human Use *Safe Packing *Perfume will packing with double bubble wrap


- Suitable and necessary for modern kitchens. Will keep your sink and counter top organised at all times. Best gift to your friend who loves a neat kitchen.
- Super easy to install it on the kitchen cabinet door. Please measure the thickness of the cabinet door before purchasing it. The door thickness should be less than 25mm.
- Folding trash can makes it easy to be used in a kitchen. When you don't use it, you can fold it, and it saves the space in your kitchen.
- Wide application: There is a fixed bracket on the bottom of the trash can, you can also put it on the floor if you want. Widely used in kitchens, dormitories, living rooms, bedroom, cars, office etc.


- Safe and Durable. It is made of EVA material for better cushioning. BPA and odor free. Dust-proof, moisture-proof, oil-proof, waterproof. It can be washed and used repeatedly.
- Non-slip and non-sticky. EVA drawer pad has a textured design with convex stripes so that fragile items cannot slip. The non-stick surface ensures that no sticky residue is left on the shelf after replacing, and the texture is soft so it doesn't curl up as often as other harder ones.
- You will get a long continuous length and save time. Simply cut the liner off with household scissors or a razor blade and just put it in your drawer.
- Transparent Design. The transparent design allows you to better observe the hygienic condition of the mat. This will allow you to replace or clean the dirty mat in time to ensure that the dishes and food are clean.


-Active Ingredients(A.I) : Quaternary Ammonium Compound
-Eliminates 99.9%
-Anti virus
-Anti bacteria
-Non Alcohol
-Non Chloride


- Environmental protection material, better insulation effect 
- Best for kitchen use for hot pot, cup, mug, pan & etc
- Decorate your dining table & kitchen to be elegant & nice
- Cartoon hollow and styling design


- Spodumene from Australia and high quality Environment Friendly Clay. This cooking casserole pot can help you experience the joy of cuisine. This ceramic casserole with lid pot is healthy and eco-friendly.
- High Fired, Ceramic is durable and resistant to breakage and chipping.
- Good for electric ceramic gas stove, electric ceramic stove, carbon coal stove,refrigerator. Exceptional thermal shock resistance allows for transfer from hot to cold temperature environments.Unique temperature affordability from -20 to 550 degree celsius, a better cooking choice than common iron pots,common iron pots only can fire on about 300 degrees (NOTE: Please use heat-resistant gloves during cooking)
- Not suitable to use on induction cooker.
- Casserole Clay Pot lid with steam vent prevents water overflow. Healthy cooking brings out the best flavors. Highly resistant glaze allows cooking with a minimal amount of fat.


Size: 62L x 30W