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Handheld Garment Steamer (Purple)
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Product SKU EA003
1.This section both iron and dry cleaning hair and other functions, is the home of the necessary things, travel to bring more convenient. When used without ironing board.

2.Suitable for any fabric.Without temperature, through the high temperature and high pressure steam through clothing, wrinkles naturally open, no damage to the clothing, and always keep new as ever.

3.Constant temperature intelligent design, whether you are ironing novice, or veteran, will not let your clothes hot sticky heat, let you experience the new life of ironing life.

4.This machine function more than one, the preparation of the dust, to brush the head, you can easily to remove the hair and dust sticky on the clothes.(especially for dark clothing and cashmere,wool clothes)

5.Through the steam to absorb volatile, play dry cleaning, disinfection role.